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Life Coach Teresa Young


TERESA YOUNG is a certified professional coach with a central passion: the human journey. Her work experience is corporate, educational, entrepreneurial, creative. Non-profit. For-profit. Fortune 100. Bootstrap. What’s more, her personal journey spans marriage and remarriage, GenX and millennial children, the dawn of the precious era of grandchildren, and decades of her own and her clients’ transitions and transformations.

Teresa coaches via phone and Zoom from the Pacific Time Zone. And as a seasoned musician and music educator, she also teaches privately.

Teresa says the ways we connect with life keep evolving as we do. The point is balanced personal, creative, and professional satisfaction that morphs with us throughout our lives. So flexibility matters. Our willingness to allow ourselves to change matters, especially if we want healthy longevity over the long haul. We deserve nothing less. But it’s up to us to accept nothing less, working through seasons of confusion, dissatisfaction, exhaustion, or ill health as needed.

Best of all, the payoff always begins right away, because the journey really is the destination. Think about it.


If you’re on the path,
you’re at the goal.

— Carl Jung


Passions matter

Teresa has played multiple musical instruments since the age of 4. So a music education degree came first. After all, since she had always also been fascinated by her fellow humans, why not teach?

The body/mind/spirit is wise

A little later, Teresa’s fascination with life took the lead in a new way. After a deep dive into a 3-year certificate program on the body/mind/spirit as an intelligent energy system, her holistic coaching practice was born.

We humans want growth

Teresa’s long-time passion for Jung’s work matters, too. Because he taught that we humans are wired to seek wholeness. Indeed, a focus on ongoing development can keep us energized and inspired over life’s long haul. Darker possibilities include “settling”, “treading water”, “going through the motions”, and “phoning it in.” Until… what?

Really, what do we humans tend to wait for? The someday that never comes? And why? Where did we get the sad notion that dreams, happiness, and creative satisfaction are only for the young?

Living her dream

In 2014, with the coaching field well established, it was time for certification. So Teresa chose the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, one of the finest coaching training programs in the world. Beautiful, right?

Now, enough about Teresa Young. :)

How about you?

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