In Thanking All Our Veterans Today, Simply This:

Life Coaching with Teresa Young - In Thanks to All Our Veterans

In thanking veterans, the truth is that such quiet greatness, such discipline, such sacrifice, in lives during and beyond years of service, defy words that can do any justice to them. With that truth acknowledged, I can also acknowledge my own eternal gratitude. My eternal admiration and awe. Though I do understand the discomfort many veterans feel receiving it.

So how beautiful that, as I walked in from the parking lot of my neighborhood grocery store yesterday, wondering what the group of guys wearing chef’s aprons at the table outside were selling, I was thrilled to find they were doing a food drive for student veterans at a nearby college. The goal was to stock an on-campus pantry so no one goes hungry during finals. Such a small way to help. Yet so wonderful.

I took their list into the store, found my way around to fill a basket of items for them, and noticed several other obviously energized folks doing the same. The cashier seemed uplifted, too. Later, in my regular FaceTime call with my 84-year-old father, I shared my unexpected elation. We both shed some tears.

What’s more, in thanking veterans today, my gratitude extends to whole families and communities in which such unsung service is a way of life. Thank you. May peace be with you. And best wishes for all the beauty and goodness you and yours deserve in this life—and beyond.

Teresa Young