Soulful Life Coaching

Soulful Life Coaching with Teresa Young

Welcome to the soulful work of honest, committed reflection. Of new visioning and planning. Of supported, soulful follow-through. And of checking in internally, and recalibrating externally as needed, all along the wildish way of our human journey.

In truth, the journey of being human includes seasons in which we may be stuck. Stressed. Unhappy, Confused. Even blindsided. Seasons in which life feels dry. Our energy wanes. Our physical health may too.

We all deserve someone in our corner then, while we reflect, discern, and work toward forward movement again in ways that matter most to us. In ways that allow us to feel connected to and supported by Life itself.

In this soulful collaboration, you meet with Teresa weekly via Zoom or phone.

Typical client goals:

Soulful livelihood ~
fitting your core values and preferred lifestyle

Creative satisfaction ~
sometimes linked to livelihood,
sometimes not

Heeding the call of your wild, soulful life
as the source of sadness or worse

Power and grace
to address a challenging situation
or transition soulfully

Clarity ~
with support to let it unfold
rather than “figuring it out”

Receipt of grief’s messages and directives
through soulful dialogue with them

Vibrant physical health ~
as affected by the soul’s imperatives

You get expert, empathic support. You bring 110% engagement. And together, you and Teresa mark each step you take on your increasingly soulful path.

Why a soulful approach?

Listen to the secret sound,
the real sound, which is inside you.
— Kabir (1440-1518)