Why a Soulful Approach

From Teresa:

My soulful approach to life coaching isn’t rainbows and fairy dust. It isn’t grounded in religious tradition either.

To get real with you about how I work, my approach is body/mind/spirit-centric. Meaning that what happens in, to, and through our hearts, minds and bodies is all of a piece and all relevant, especially at important junctures.

We’re holistic beings, wired for growth.

Quantum physics tells us we’re energetic beings, “entangled” in life in fascinating ways. So dreams, depressions, diseases, accidents, addictions, inner and outer conflicts, synchronicities and more may signal what we need to know now. They may be invitations to correct our course, toward the healthy longevity that’s possible in 21st century life.

What’s more, exploring and choosing what we really want and need now—in this particular season of our lives—can keep us energized and inspired. This disrupts any, oh, so human tendencies to begin treading water and marking time until… what? What are we waiting for? The someday that never comes?

The Force is, well… with us

And, very importantly, I say there is a magnificent, mysterious intelligence in the mix in our lives. Some folks looking for fresh language call it the Divine Matrix. Others the Greater Mind.

Evocative, right? And as close as I can get to the concept of a higher power. Not a bearded grandfather figure. Not a cosmic judge. More like the Force. And, beautifully, with that macro comes the micro: the soul. The soul as an individual circuit of that great quantum power source.

With this foundation laid through a bit of language that feels real to me, I’ll go further, to an image and interpretation of the human journey that informs all things for me:

Soulful living as our personal river walk

l say we each have a metaphorical river that’s ours to walk beside in this life. It’s the river of what’s right and good and true and real for us. Walking our way along it allows us to be who we really are at the deepest and highest levels.

As we work to align our movements—the twists and turns our inner and outer lives take—to that path, we can fulfill unique, individual purposes. We can, yes, manifest, in resonance with what really, really wants to happen, guided by what’s deepest, wisest, and most life-giving in us.

The soul doesn’t give a damn. (Stay with me here.)

And for more on my soulful approach, I say the soul doesn’t give a damn about the inconveniences or quandaries that arise as we keep aligning and re-aligning our inner and outer capabilities—and thus our lives—to meet its demands. As we keep growing into who we will be when the season arrives in which we flower fully.

In truth, we probably can’t blossom to our most potent potential without painful or even devastating seasons from which to rise like the phoenix we each are from the ashes of our former selves. Or our former lives.

Innie or outie? It’s all real, and ultimately good.

We may work through those phases in tough interior or exterior terrain. For some folks, the hero’s journey is a mostly internal undertow, or at least a private bridge over a private ravine that they must cross in the dark. Other souls trek into the desert and through it to brand new river-ground in the outer world, for all to see.

But there’s always more to the story, a story that ultimately only we know. What’s up now, or next, for us? How shall we proceed to meet it?

How to proceed indeed, given the realities of our lives?

I say the process is clear with the right support:

We can reflect, honestly and humbly, asking the right questions of the wisest, deepest, most determined parts of ourselves. Then, when clarity comes, as it will, we can move forward, one foot in front of the other. It’s simple really, though more often than not anything but easy. We humans tend to fear change and the unknown. And our daily habits and patterns tend to hold us hostage to the status quo. (It isn’t just you.)

But, yes, we can set brand new goals, based on who we are today. Then we can take committed action on what we know is right and real for us. In the process, we can stay attuned to helpful inner and outer signals. They matter. And I’ll repeat: real support matters.

And by reflecting deeply first, at the outset of our commitment to move forward in a new way, we can avoid careening off too quickly toward this or that surface goal. No wonder doing so often leads to progress interruptus, because parts of us may not be on board. On the other hand, when we do the work of getting truly clear and truly congruent, then look out, world!

The jam really is growth to fulfillment. Really.

I say ultimately the soul wants growth, at any age or stage. The soul wants all the satisfying self-expression and authentic contribution we’re capable of in this lifetime.

All that possible beauty and bounty requires—and we deserve—real, sustained, enlivening or revivifying work toward all that we want most to be and do. It’s indeed a soulful approach to our individual, irrepeatable journeys. And there’s a big-time, built-in bonus (spoiler alert):

The journey’s the thing

When we’re on the life path that’s right for the creature who we each actually, deeply are, the journey really is the destination. And I say that’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.