More on My Approach

You can see that my approach to life coaching isn’t rainbows and fairy dust. It isn’t grounded in religious tradition, either.

More on My Approach: Quantum is Us

My approach is aligned with all things quantum, with the research-based knowledge that all that we are and all that we touch is fundamentally energetic in nature. And though there’s a deep strain of existentialism in me, my lifelong studies of Jung’s work, combined with my own wild, wonderful life experience, including decades of synchronistic happenings as my own white pebbles in the moonlight, have formed my perspective that there is a magnificent, mysterious intelligence embedded in the quantum field. Some contemporary teachers call it the Divine Matrix. Others call it the Greater Mind.

That’s as close as I can get to the concept of a higher power. Not a bearded grandfather figure. Not a cosmic judge. More like “the Force.” Most importantly, I’ll add that I am all about… wait for it… the soul. And  though I hesitate to proceed when certain terms may be a bridge too far for others, I’ll add this:

The soul doesn’t give a damn. (Stay with me here.)

Grounded in my studies of Jung, and the ways my life journey and those of my clients have illustrated them, I believe we each have a metaphorical river that’s ours to walk beside in this life. It’s the river of what’s right and good and true for us. The path we walk along it allows us to be who we really are at the deepest and highest level. Walking that path, working to keep our movements forward closely aligned with it, we can fulfill beautifully unique, individual purposes for ourselves, at a soul level.

And as my clients often hear, I say the soul doesn’t give a damn about the inconveniences and quandaries that may arise as we seek to align our outer lives with its imperatives. In fact, I believe we probably can’t blossom to our full potential without the kind of work it takes for a baby to emerge from the birth canal, or for a techni-color butterfly to shed its brown cocoon.

Ongoing growth toward ultimate fulfillment is my jam.

I say the soul wants growth, at any age or stage of life. The soul wants the level of self-expression and satisfying contribution to life that we’re capable of.

That’s what my approach is about, my dears. And that’s why it requires real, sustained, empowering, deeply empathic and encouraging support. Woohoo! Mic drop here. :)