Local Service Update

Greetings, beautiful local clients, students, and families:

What’s been up

I’ve been confused, and more. Join the club, right?

Just as I landed back on planet LA, news was breaking about the Delta variant’s jacked-up transmissibility. Even among the vaccinated.

Now my super-buff grown son has COVID. And he’s not in good shape. Equally troubling, his infection launched a ripple of complexities for folks with big stuff at stake, including a surgery. A trip to see long-missed parents. And more.

Add to that, my husband is now teaching more than a hundred different teens per day in person. With everybody using the same cameras and computers.

Short story, right now I’m having trouble imagining not getting COVID! And I do not want to share it. Especially with my sacred space as “petri dish.” After all, many of my students and local clients live in households with unvaccinated children and vulnerable elders.

What I’m doing now

I’m back to working exclusively on Zoom for the month of August.

What feels right—right now—after Labor Day

After a Labor Day weekend wedding in Denver, and a negative COVID test taken five days after our flight home, I’ll work mainly on Zoom, but in person with vaccinated folks not well-served online. This means vaccinated keyboard players and vocalists. We’ll work masked, except for vocalists when singing.

Oh, and no 4th quarter 2021 recital

Prob’ly needless to say. We’ll look toward Spring 2022.

Lastly for now

I care for and deeply value each of my students, clients, and families. And I’m right here as we all keep feeling our way. Stay safe, and call me if you need to talk.



P.S. I’ll update this page as needed. And may the Force be with us.