Healthy Longevity Coaching

Healthy Longevity Coaching with Teresa Young

In this exciting collaboration, you’ll begin work on what you want most in the realm of healthy longevity, meeting with Teresa weekly on Zoom or by phone. In-person sessions in north Los Angeles are another option.

Typical client goals include:

  • New life patterns to promote long-term vibrant physical health
  • Healthy, sustainable weight loss
  • “Stress management” as a doorway to your vibrant, as yet unknown future
  • COVID-19 long-haul recovery
  • A body/mind/spirit-centric approach to illness, injury, or age-related challenges

You’ll get expert, energetic, empathic support. What’s more, you’ll commit to 110% engagement. Then you and Teresa will celebrate your large and small successes along the way.

Ready for the vibrant future available to you through healthy longevity coaching? Then let’s get to it!


Next Steps

More on my soulful approach

My soulful approach to life coaching isn’t rainbows and fairy dust. It isn’t grounded in religious tradition either.

To get real with you about how I work, my approach is body/mind/spirit-centric. Meaning that what happens in, to, and through our hearts, minds and bodies is all of a piece and all relevant, especially at important junctures.

Quantum physics tells us we’re energetic beings, “entangled” in life in fascinating ways. So dreams, depressions, diseases, accidents, addictions, inner and outer conflicts, synchronicities and more may signal what we need to know now. They may be invitations to correct our course, toward the healthy longevity that’s possible in 21st century life…  read more here.