Energy Leadership Training

Energy Leadership Training with Teresa Young

Step 1:  intro to new leadership power

Energy Leadership Training starts with an introductory coaching session.

Step 2:  leader, assess thyself

Next you’ll take a powerful online assessment, the Energy Leadership Index (ELI).

The ELI usually takes about twenty minutes. But no worries, you don’t need to prepare. Just answer its questions honestly. Consider it a chance to take a selfie, or in fact two. One captures your go-to ways of being when things are going fairly well, the other when you’re feeling stressed. Already sounds valuable, yes?

Next, your own confidential report arrives in your email inbox.

Step 3:  deep debrief

You’ll use your assessment report during a deep debrief session with Teresa that explores energy leadership principles and your ELI results.

Step 4:  energized integration time

Finally you’ll integrate all that goodness in three additional coaching sessions. These sessions deepen your exploration of energy leadership training as you begin using its principles in your life and work.

Ready to lead in inspiring new ways, for real?

Now, are you ready to lead yourself and others in brand new ways? The point is jacked-up, super-healthy leadership superpower, toward everything you—and they—want and deserve.


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Learn more about Energy Leadership and the Energy Leadership Index here.