My COVID protocols for in-person sessions/lessons, and why

On the ubiquitous topic of COVID protocols, I’m in the mood to share a personal perspective first.

Many of my clients and students, and even some of my close friends and colleagues, may be surprised to learn that I’m a lifelong student of dreams. This passion of mine fits hand-in-glove with my fundamental life passion:  the experience of being human. The human journey.

In my worldview, and in four decades of my own study and experience, our dreams can be powerful guides and teachers if we take the time to learn their symbolic language. Perhaps another post for another day.

Meanwhile, though I’m using CDC guidelines as my benchmark for “best practices” at this juncture, my own deepest wisdom source—my psyche, the Self in Jungian terms, that “dream maker” in all of us—is also guiding me. That’s my everyday quest anyway. I’m always seeking a sweet spot of alignment between my busy-bee, let’s-charge-forward tendencies and my long practice of getting under those tendencies regularly. Checking them. Checking in. This is where I find clarity. This is how I find peace.

And my psyche is currently saying, take care. Take care on behalf of others. Take care, despite your own impatience and the impatience of others. Keep them safe in ways that are in your power. Be part of the solution, not part of unintended new surges at this promising juncture.


My psyche is currently saying, “take care. Take care.”

Current COVID protocols for in-person sessions/lessons

That shared, my current COVID protocols for in-person session and lessons follow:

For now, only the student/client will come in, at the lesson/session time. I’ll ask each person to use hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes while I disinfect any equipment that was just in use.
Unvaccinated clients and students will wear masks. Vocalists will remove them to sing, at a physical distance greater than six feet.

I’ll disinfect my bathroom facilities nightly, but it won’t be possible for me to do so between each lesson/session. So please keep that in mind if you, your child, or household members are immuno-sensitive.

And, of course, in the case of any physical symptoms in your household, text me that update rather than arriving. We’ll work via Zoom instead. Now that that particular genie is out of the bottle, let’s use it whenever it will be helpful.

Lastly for now, feel free to check back here for further updates. I so so so look forward to providing them. :)