Remember to Play to Maximize Your Super-Productive Amazingness

Remember to Play - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

All work and no play makes… well, you know. But still, if you’re highly goal-oriented, I’ll bet you routinely notice all the big and small inner and outer obstacles that pop right up when you think about taking some real time for play time. And this wired-to-work life coach can relate! So let’s go there. I want to let you in on what I’ve learned about the importance of play.

Really get your head in the playing game

First, let me be clear. When I say play, I mean real time out, not just sorta kinda pausing work mode. Instead, this is time to really turn your focus to having fun, fooling around, lolling around, adventuring, whatever you’re feeling, except working. This is step-away-and-come-back-refreshed time. For real.

Yes, this kind of play time is really, truly free of deadlines and devices, free from any and all projects. Free from still being in it and at it no matter what you’re doing or not doing.

Full disclosure, this isn’t the most natural thing in the world for me either. I adore all my projects and devices! And I’m also crystal clear that rejuvenation through play is important for all of us.

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