On Grief and Growth: Strange New Inspirations and Insights

On Grief and Growth - Life Coaching with Teresa Young

Today I’m reflecting on how grief and growth may—as I’m discovering—meet in our lives. So I’ll hit you right up front with what feels deeply personal to me.

My mother had some awful surgery in late 2018, just before Hurricane Michael pounded my parents’ house and town. Then she declined and died three months later. And I’ve been immersing myself since in research on all things dying and death-related. If you know me, you know this is very different for me. Continue reading “On Grief and Growth: Strange New Inspirations and Insights”

Why Keep Growing, Interesting Ones?

Keeping Growing - Life Coaching with Teresa Young


Are you one of those folks who asks the honest question, Why bother to keep growing? Well, for starters, check out this bit of sung wisdom from Bob Dylan:


He [and she who is] not busy
being born is busy dying

— Bob Dylan


In fact, “aging gracefully” is more doable now than ever. The days when young folks had all the fun are over. Days when they had all the freedom. Now it’s totally possible for us to have multiple phases of life that are in fact age-neutral. Continue reading “Why Keep Growing, Interesting Ones?”