On Positive Mindset: Rock These 6 Fun Steps For Yourself and Others

Indeed, my dears, let’s talk positive mindset. Because the truth is that you, despite all the parts and pieces of you that can be quite a diverse cast of characters, can be your own cheerleader-in-chief at critical junctures. You can in fact allow only helpful thoughts, with a clear call to take a hike to all else that may want its discouraging say.

What’s more, it can be fun, yo! Ready to play? (Just say yes.) And off we go.

1.  Sniff like a bloodhound for negative voices.

You may not have a natural ability to notice voices inside or outside you that are discouraged or fearful for whatever good reason, or that are just plain struggling to trust that the life you want is possible. But like any skill that you work at, you can learn this.

First, work to notice when those “you can’t” or “the sky is falling” voices strike. And what do they say, exactly? Listen closely to whatever you hear.

Next, note that you are separate from whatever that is. You are free not to take it at “face value” and be impacted by it, as if it’s absolutely true. In fact, it’s only a thought, with no more power than you give it.

And with every bit of negativity or fear that you capture this way, imagine yourself standing separately from it, at arms length, then farther. Imagine yourself a little taller and lighter than a moment before, with a little more “weight of the world” dropping from your shoulders.

Imagine your voice more resonant. Your good energy capable of proving “contagious” to any fearful dear ones near you.

2.  Call out unhelpful perspectives and send them packing.

And more, you can do this with compassion. Because in the good work of rocking a positive mindset, I say gentleness matters, especially in convos with parts of ourselves. So develop a gentle come-back—maybe a mantra—that’s fun and meaningful to you. For instance:

Thanks for sharing, little green gremlin;
I know it means you care

Or another:

Git along, little wants-to-dog-me.
Got your number. Maybe next time. Not!

Or perhaps a bit of poetry:

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
I hear you talkin’
but I see through you

Or one of those game-show buzzer sounds: AAAARRRGGGHHH. Busted!

3.  Name the tune that wants to play over and over.

As you get clear on whatever downer energy is threatening to hold you hostage, try naming this or that terrified voice, negative belief, or doomsday sayer, none of which you probably want running your life.

Once identified and tagged—Aunt Bertha, that pundit Whozit from Whatzit, or the monster you thought was under your bed in 2nd grade, back to torment you—well, you know what to do.

Or you will now. That’s right. Time to clean house.

4.  Dream up your special eradication style, and cleeeeean house.

Crank the music, calling on all your upbeat faves, and get the trash bags ready. Or, best case for the planet, pile up the junk and then disappear it through the power of your vivid imagination.

By the way, the voice you’re naming isn’t actually your Aunt Bertha or that worst-case commentator, right? It’s their ways and statements that you’ve internalized.

And if you’re hearing all that incessantly in your outer life, it’s time to distinguish between the troubling message and whatever love-in-action or important info it includes. Cleaning house means creating effective boundaries, whether with concerned loved ones who sap your strength or with endless news cycles.

Once you’ve “gathered the garbage” that’s weighing you down, it’s time to use whatever imaginative eradication method makes you happy. How about enfolding it in molten lava at the core of the earth, or having friendly aliens transport it to the next deep-space meteor crash point? Or maybe set its dark energy to work heating homes on the frozen tundra. (Um, are there homes on the frozen tundra?)

Imagine your way to a positive mindset. And again, have fun with it, if only for moments at a time. Brighten your own corner, toward lighting things up for others as well!

5.  Practice, practice, practice.

When this or that sermonette of doom comes around again itchin’ for a soapbox moment (and note: that’s when, not if), just disappear it again, kindly but firmly. And repeat as needed.

It’s like teaching little children. Consistency is key.

6.  Do this with one hand while you jam with the other.

In the midst of this important housekeeping, well, keep acting. Act on your dreams and goals. This really just means continuing to put one foot in front of the other in bite-sized action steps.

Ultimately, remember that your ongoing efforts to rock a positive mindset will impact the way you feel. The way you think. The actions you take. And that’s win-win for all of us, my friends.

Because, bottom line, you deserve an amazing life. Believe in yourself and in life itself, and keep go-go-going for what you really want.

Teresa Young

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