Ready to Design Your Way to Your Artful Life?

Indeed, dear ones, are you ready to design your life?


To be an artist is to believe in life.
— Henry Moore


These words of wisdom from sculptor Henry Moore made my night. I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship between creativity and health. About all the ways we creative types have to express ourselves in modern life. All the freedom we have to do so.

Though I’m not saying it’s easy. If so, would it, as Kurt Vonnegut said about practicing any art, make our souls grow?

In fact, part of the deliciousness of creative expression may be in meeting any and all inherent challenges. Inner and outer. Short term and long term.

And doesn’t that sound a lot like designing and living a vibrant life? In truth, the point is really to be fully ourselves. And to act on whatever truly makes our hearts sing. Yes! Deep breath.

That means putting the parts and pieces of our lifestyle together with all that in mind. Honoring our creative lives. Placing them front and center. After all, I say healthy longevity begins here.

And remember, as Henry Moore said, the creative project of our lives is no doubt aided by believing in life. In the midst of the yin and yang of all things. The agonies and the ecstasies that come with being human.

Be that person. Take that stand. Explore consciously adopting an empowering mindset as you do so.

Yes, design your life! Truly beautiful.

And what tends to get in the way? That’s, oh, so human, too, right? Let me know. I’m here, in your creative corner.