Stop Squandering Your Energy Now. Today. Really.

Stop squandering your energy. For real. Now, the truth is, I started with the negative to get your attention. But you know just what I mean. Right? 

Now let’s talk about conserving, containing, and consciously utilizing your energy to create what you want most. Oh, and to be crystal clear, I don’t mean with long-lasting light bulbs or by powering down your electronics at night. :)

I mean by making the best use of your most precious commodity, your life force, toward everything you want and deserve. Are you with me?

Track your use of life force

By the way, I’m a life coach with a particular passion for the body/mind/spirit as an energy system. And I say that one powerful way to begin is to actually log your energy usage for a day, in four sections:

  1. Important (in service to your goals)
  2. Fun
  3. Unimportant
  4. Counter-Productive

First, in this moment, as you consider keeping this kind of data, what do you think you will see? Next, try it out. Check your predictions after 24 hours. Even this simple action will begin to change the game.

What do you see? Where does your usage spike? What times of day or night are you genuinely productive in the ways that matter most to the wisest, clearest, most goal-oriented part of you?


What times of day or night are you
genuinely productive in the ways
that matter most to you?


Next step, expand the game. Track your energy usage for a week.

Which days of the week are you really playing the grand game of your life in the ways you want to, if at all? And what about plenty of self-care, and lots of rejuvenating fun in the mix, without being either “all work and no play” or all play and no work?

Balanced energy usage is key. In what ways do the power combo of your inner life and your outer lifestyle support the you who you most want to be?

You’ve gotta spend some, but on what?

Yes, you do want to stop squandering energy. But there’s another intriguing possibility: are you an energy miser? Not naturally wired for focused output?

Now we’re just getting this primer started. Read more at And reach out for the expert support that you deserve.

Teresa Young