Dare to Change Those Hand-Me-Down Beliefs for New Possibilities

What do you believe, anyway? About life? About love? And work? How about money? And kickass contribution to life? And how about growth past midlife? These are in fact the questions, right? I’m here to tell you that you can dare to examine—and then change—your beliefs as one part of your approach to accomplishing your goals.

Yes, as a life coach who cares, I know this truth can truly alter the course of your life, what’s possible for you. Because consciousness of your beliefs, of what drives you, and stops you, is in fact an incredibly powerful creative act! You can dare to examine your beliefs. Question them. And make choices that transform your life.

Clean out the closet

One big test of any belief is whether it’s fear-based, or focused on growth. Like believing that “love always fades to quiet boredom.” Maybe it’s been your experience so far, or you’ve seen it play out in the lives of others. Or you’ve heard that in long-held family knitting-circles or good ol’ boy logic.


Dare to examine your beliefs
as one part of your approach
to accomplishing your goals.


But does any of that stuff that’s been piling up challenge you to keep risking for the juice you want in relationship? Or does it just let you off the hook, ready to justify your own lack of heart due to, well, fear of heartache?

Most importantly, are you really free to choose? Consider that any reason why not is another belief, rather than some universal truth. One actual truth is that we’re living in an amazing era. You and I are in fact free to choose our beliefs if we’re ready to do this important inner work. And make no mistake about the fact that it’s work that will catapult us forward in the ways that matter most to us.

Now dare to change those old beliefs. Go forth bravely casting off the hand-me-downs that no longer suit beautiful you! And reach out for expert support. After all, you deserve the life you want most.

Teresa Young