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Teresa Young coaches by phone and Zoom from the Pacific Time Zone,  including coaching for life, healthy longevity, and music.


Teresa calls me out in the most beautiful
and compelling way, reminding me to
all that today has to offer
while confidently
turning visions
and goals into realities.

Karen F., Philadelphia —
Fortune 100 Executive,
Wife and Mom


Life Coaching with Teresa Young ~ Testimonials

Welcome to your soulful future!
Time for a new kind of busy.


Straight from Teresa: Quantum is Us

My approach to life coaching isn’t rainbows and fairy dust. And though I’ll call it soulful, it isn’t grounded in religious tradition, either.

To get really real with you about how I work, my lifelong studies combined with my own wild, wonderful life experiences—including decades of synchronistic happenings as my own white pebbles in the moonlight guiding me through darknesshave formed my perspective that there is a magnificent, mysterious intelligence in the mix in our lives. Some contemporary teachers call it the Divine Matrix. Others call it the Greater Mind.

That’s as close as I can get to the concept of a higher power. Not a bearded grandfather figure. Not a cosmic judge. More like “the Force.” Most importantly, I’ll repeat that I am all about… wait for it… the soul. That shared, I may as well add this:

The soul doesn’t give a damn. (Stay with me here.)

Grounded in my studies of Jung and the ways my experiences and those of my clients bear them out, I believe we each have a metaphorical river that’s ours to walk beside in this life. It’s the river of what’s right and good and true for us. So that walking our way along it allows us to be who we really are at the deepest and highest level. In working to keep the twists and turns we take in life aligned with it, we can fulfill unique, individual purposes for ourselves, at a soul level.

And as my clients often hear, I say the soul doesn’t give a damn about the inconveniences and quandaries that can arise as we keep aligning and re-aligning our outer lives to meet its demands. In fact, I say we probably can’t blossom to our full potential without this sometimes inconvenient, often messy work.

Ongoing growth toward ultimate fulfillment is my jam.

So I say ultimately the soul wants growth, at any age or stage of life. The soul wants all the satisfying self-expression and contribution that we’re capable of in this lifetime.

And that, my dears, is why you deserve real, sustained, empowering, inspiring deeply empathic and soulful support. Mic drop here. :)


Coaching Services



Live Your Dream Despite COVID19

Single phone sessions scheduled as needed

These are anti-anxiety sessions for you or your loved one. While sheltering, social distancing, and/or working in essential jobs, connecting by phone makes sense, toward peace of mind and progress in this super-weird season.

These conversations boost your or your loved one’s outlook and immune system.

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Coaching Phone Intro

A no-cost introductory phone session

This exploratory conversation is a chance to connect you with Teresa voice to voice. You’ll talk about details of working together while getting a sense of each other.

Do you and Teresa feel like a fit for this life-changing work? You’ll consider this exciting question together.

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Life Coaching

Regularly scheduled phone sessions

In this soulful collaboration, Teresa coaches and champions you. You’ll begin work on what you want most, meeting in weekly phone sessions, with text and email support in between.

You’ll get energetic, empathic support. You’ll commit to 110% engagement. And together you’ll celebrate all your large and small successes along the way.

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Healthy Longevity Coaching

Regularly scheduled phone sessions

As a young, vital 62 year-old, healthy longevity is one of Teresa’s primary passions. Armed with the expert support noted under Life Coaching above, you’ll begin the work of transforming your life toward vibrant health over the long haul.

As with Life Coaching Services, you’ll meet in weekly phone sessions, with text and email support in between.

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Energy Leadership Training

Five scheduled phone sessions

You’ll begin this very special training with an introductory session. This first conversation preps you to take an invaluable online assessment, the Energy Leadership Index. Your own customized, confidential report comes next, along with an intensive debrief session with Teresa that illuminates and explores the results. In three additional sessions, you’ll integrate Energy Leadership principles, deepen your understanding, and experiment with this training in your work and life. It’s nothing less than potentially life-changing.

Learn more about Energy Leadership and the Energy Leadership Index here:

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Music Coaching

Regularly scheduled private lessons via Zoom

In this sequential approach to private music instruction, Teresa coaches you or your loved one. Options include piano, keyboard, beginning guitar, ukulele, baritone ukulele, singing, music reading, music theory, and performance preparation.

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Listen to the secret sound,
the real sound, which is inside you.
— Kabir (1440-1518)


About Teresa Young


Life Coach Teresa Young


TERESA YOUNG is a certified professional coach with a central passion: the human journey. Her work experience is corporate, educational, entrepreneurial, creative. Non-profit. For-profit. Fortune 100. Bootstrap. What’s more, her personal journey spans marriage and remarriage, GenX and millennial children, the dawn of the precious era of grandchildren, and decades of her own and her clients’ transitions and transformations.

Teresa coaches via phone and Zoom from the Pacific Time Zone. And as a seasoned musician and degreed music educator, she also teaches privately.

Teresa says the ways we connect with life keep evolving as we do. The point is balanced personal, creative, and professional satisfaction that morphs with us throughout our lives. So flexibility matters. Our willingness to allow ourselves to change matters, especially if we want healthy longevity over the long haul. We deserve nothing less. But it’s up to us to accept nothing less, working through seasons of confusion, dissatisfaction, exhaustion, or ill health as needed.

Best of all, the payoff always begins right away, because the journey really is the destination. Think about it.


If you’re on the path,
you’re at the goal.

— Carl Jung

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The first step is a scheduled, no-cost, exploratory phone conversation.

Contact Teresa by phone.

Call 888-884-2482. Leave a message with details. Why are you considering coaching for yourself or a loved one?

Or contact Teresa using the form below.

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Don’t be satisfied with stories,
how things have gone with others.
Unfold your own myth.

— Rumi




Life Coaching with Teresa Young

That Thirst

It’s a thirst,
the ache we unearth
from time to time, or often,
suddenly, eons old,
and forever. But no,
we can learn
to plumb under it, through it,
asking, what?
What do you want?

The essential thing—
the most freeing-for-aliveness
exactitude that I know—
is that each of us, dear ones,
is in truth
ever, totally

And so,
to note
a little more,
it goes
for me, from here, like this:

I say take your sweetness, solace, joy,
and wise counsel
as you find them,
where they find you.
Drink deeply then.

Harbor zero expectations
for the rest, for any moment,
friend, lover,
other. Instead,
work hard.
Be kind.
Prime your own well.
And relish
that thirst.
It’s for life.

       — Teresa Young


Contact Info:

Life Coaching with Teresa Young
(888) 884-2482  |  https://teresayoung.com
P. O. Box 280192
Los Angeles, CA 91324



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