I’m Teresa Young. I provide life coaching by phone from the Pacific Time Zone. Now let’s get right to the heart of the matter: the what and why of my soulful approach to life coaching services.


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We’re holistic beings, wired for growth.

Quantum physics tells us we’re energetic beings, “entangled” in life in fascinating ways. So dreams, depressions, diseases, accidents, addictions, relationship issues, synchronicities and more may signal what we need to know now. They may be invitations to correct our course, toward the healthy longevity that’s possible in 21st century life.

What’s more, exploring and choosing what we really want now—in this particular season of our livescan keep us energized and inspired. This disrupts any tendencies to begin treading water and marking time until… what? What are we waiting for? The someday that never comes? 

But how, given the realities of our lives?

As a life coach, I say the process is clear with the right support, though not necessarily easy:


We can reflect, honestly and humbly, asking the right questions of the wisest, deepest, most determined parts of ourselves. Then, when clarity comes, we can move forward, one foot in front of the other. And repeat as needed.


Yes, we can set new goals, based on who we are today. Then we can take committed action on what we know is real for us. In the process, we can stay attuned to helpful inner and outer signals. They matter. And I’ll repeat, real support matters.

And why now?

Why correct course now? Because then the journey really is the destination. We aren’t waiting for our real lives to begin… someday.

And by reflecting deeply first, we aren’t careening off toward this or that surface goal. No wonder doing so falls apart, because parts of us may not be on board. On the other hand, when we do the work of getting truly clear and congruent, well, then look out, world!


The journey really is
the destination.

And why a soulful approach?

My approach isn’t rainbows and fairy dust. But I am all about… wait for it… the soul, that highest Self in each of us. It’s the part of us that wants growth, at any age or stage of life. The soul wants maximum self-expression and satisfying contribution to life.

What’s more, we often grow to our fullest potential through the painful, confusing seasons of our lives. The times that test us, the inner or outer conflicts that confound us, can ultimately propel us to a brand new reality in which to live our best lives.

And that level of empathic, empowering facilitation is what I mean by a soulful approach to my work in providing life coaching by phone. Read more.


Ready for what you really want,
including clarity?


Teresa calls me out in the most beautiful
and compelling way, reminding me to
all that today has to offer
while confidently
turning visions
and goals into realities.

Karen F. Philadelphia —
Fortune 100 Executive,
Wife and Mom

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Welcome to your soulful future!
Let’s get busy.


Life Coaching Services


For life coaching services, note first my response to these strange times:

Coronavirus Anti-Anxiety Coaching Sessions

This is a voice-to-voice, anti-anxiety strategy, as needed, for you or your loved one. During this necessary time of sheltering in place and/or social distancing, connecting by phone makes sense, especially in ways that can bring us peace. The point is conversations that boost your outlook and thus your immune system, or that of your vulnerable family member.

I’m here—in the Pacific Time Zone—and ready to assist you or your loved one in creating quality of life and peace of mind in the present.

Yes, please!



Life Coaching Phone Intro

This exploratory conversation is a chance for us to connect, voice to voice. We’ll talk about working together. As we do, we’ll get a sense of each other.

Do we feel like a fit for a soulful approach to life coaching services? We’ll answer this exciting question together.

Let’s connect!



Life Coaching Services

In this soulful collaboration, I coach and champion you. You begin work on what you want most. We meet in weekly phone sessions, with text and email support in between.

You get energetic, empathic support. You commit to 110% engagement. And we celebrate your large and small successes along the way.

We may start with the Energy Leadership Index™. This extraordinary tool takes our work together deep, fast.

I’m ready or want more info!


Listen to the secret sound,
the real sound, which is inside you.

― Kabir (1440-1518)


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About Teresa Young

Life Coach Teresa Young

TERESA YOUNG is a certified life coach with a central passion: the human journey. A lifelong student of the body/mind/spirit as an energy system, Teresa’s professional experience is corporate, educational, entrepreneurial, and creative. Non-profit. For-profit. Fortune 100. Bootstrap. And more, her personal journey spans marriage and remarriage, GenX and millennial children, the dawn of the precious era of grandchildren, and decades of her own immense transitions and transformations.

Informed by all that richness, and viewing ongoing growth as key to healthy longevity, Teresa says the ways we connect with and contribute to life keep evolving as we do. So her approach to coaching is holistic, integrating body, mind, and spirit. The point is balanced personal, creative, and professional satisfaction that furthers both our own evolution and that of our species.

Teresa coaches by phone from the Pacific Time Zone.


If you’re on the path,
you’re at the goal.

— Carl Jung

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Call me at 888-884-2482. Leave a message with some details about why you’re considering coaching for yourself or a loved one.

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We’ll match up our availability for an exploratory phone conversation. My intention is that it will make the difference you’re seeking—and deserve.


Don’t be satisfied with stories,
how things have gone with others.
Unfold your own myth.

— Rumi




Life Coaching with Teresa Young

That Thirst

It’s a thirst,
the ache we unearth
from time to time, or often,
suddenly, eons old,
and forever. But no,
we can learn
to plumb under it, through it,
asking, what?
What do you want?

The essential thing—
the most freeing-for-aliveness
exactitude that I know—
is that each of us, dear ones,
is, in truth,
ever, totally

And so,
to note
a little more,
it goes,
for me, from here, like this:
I say take your sweetness, solace, joy,
and wise counsel
as you find them,
where they find you.
Drink deeply then.

Harbor zero expectations
for the rest, for any moment,
friend, lover,
other. Instead,
work hard.
Be kind.
Prime your own well.
And relish
that thirst.
It’s for life.

       — Teresa Young


Contact Info:

Life Coaching with Teresa Young
(888) 884-2482  |  https://teresayoung.com
[email protected]
P. O. Box 280192
Los Angeles, CA 91324



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